Artwork by Gregory

Greg Lashbrook profile picture wearing sunglasses and holding an airbrush

Gregory Lashbrook is a multi-media artist. Gregory works in an unusually wide range of mediums including reverse painting on glass, deep carved glass, metal and found-object sculpture.

Greg is a VERY prolific artist! New pieces are constantly rotating through his workspace at Studio North. The best way to purchase a Gregory original is to contact us to schedule a visit to the studio today!

Artist statement: I like the heavy metal industrial feel of metal. The grunge. The strength. I feel the raw power of the industrial age coming through the pieces. I admire how fast two pieces become one through molten heat and fire. They are bonded together with thousands of degrees of heat.

Most of my metal comes from the bottom of the St. Clair River. I’m always looking for metal when I’m diving. Most of the time, I have no idea what the pieces originally were or where they came from.

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One of the cool things about getting my metal from underwater is that the zebra mussels give the metal a pitted patina that I love. I let the metal talk to me. I visualize them going together in my mind’s eye before I physically try to put them together. It’s a feeling. Sometimes it works right away. Other times, the pieces have to sit on a table for a long time before it’s a sure thing.

I use skulls because I like to honor the spirit of the animal. For my Bear Metal sculptures, I used bear skulls that I got from a taxidermist who was a good friend. To me, a white skull is virginal. I paint the skulls with metallics to transform them and take away their virgin aspect to reflect the industrial grunge of today’s society. I do it as a protest to the industrial age.

Gregory’s work is currently available for viewing at Studio North in Lakeport MI. To schedule an appointment, check artwork availability or get custom pricing email us at or visit our CONTACT page.

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