Acrylic Resin

Artwork by Gregory shark wtih black, white and copper

GREGORY acrylic resin pieces are available FOR SALE.

Use our CONTACT form….. Email …….. or call 810-327-2507 for availability and pricing.

Gregory applies acrylic paints using dirty pours, brushes, palette knives, torn cardboard, toothpicks and credit cards; just to name a few of the tools in Gregory’s paintbox.

The poured resin will either make – or ruin – the piece.

Artwork by Gregory Lashbrook, black and white swirls with a small purple lake sturgeon in the bottom left corner
acrylic on canvas 8″ x 10″ $48

Gregory’s resin of choice is ArtResin, a two-part epoxy that is easy to mix; offers about 30 minutes of work time; self-levels; dries clear and won’t yellow. Gregory calculates the surface area of each piece to make sure he mixes the right amount. Too much is wasteful, too little will create an uneven finish.

PRO TIP – level your artwork!

The work surface doesn’t have to be perfectly level, just the artwork! Download a free level app at Androids here or iPhones here. Wooden shims and an assortment of washers from the lumber store make leveling easy. Pennies and cardboard also work. *But ONLY use objects for leveling that you doubt care if they get “ruined” by dripping resin.

Artwork by Gregory Lashbrook red and yellow butterfly


For this series, Gregory begins by drawing outlines of shapes he finds interesting. He then transfers his line-drawings to sheets of low-warping MDF board. Gregory sculpts each piece using a jigsaw, a router, sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease.

Artwork by Greg Lashbrook two butterfly shapes on wall

“Scarlet Flutterby” & “Chocolate Moth” can be found adding a little color and warmth to the Animal Hospital of Lakeport. Dr. Meadows and all his staff are the best! The Animal Hospital treats patients and owners with the utmost care and respect.

Artwork by Gregory Lashbrook butterfly shape painted with swirls of brown and white
Why do we love Dr. Meadows? For one thing, we might have rescued a long-tailed duck, but it was Dr. Meadows that saved its life. Watch our YouTube video of the rescue and rehab by clicking this link –

Artwork by Gregory Lashbrook combines hand-craftsmanship, vivid colors and surrealism to create art pieces that can be enjoyed every day for a lifetime.

Add a Gregory to your collection today!

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  1. Awesome setup on the new site. I was looking for the Lamprey mating and more art creations. Anytime you come to the Appalachians…. look us up.

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